Monday, December 27, 2010


The Forest village Turturiya Situated on the bank of a spring called Turturiya or Sursuri Ganga contains numerous buddhist remains of 8th Century A.D. and the Brahmanical remains of later period. The site yielded numerous exquisitely sculptured pillars, remains of STUPA made of fine bricks, traces of bathing Ghats, Lingams figures of four armed Vishnu, Ganesha, a man hunting a lion with sword and a man wrestling with an animal. There are numerous heaps of ruins all of bricks, picked with stone. The place is of a great archaeological and anthropological interest.

How to reach

Turturiya is 29 Km from Baloda bazar and 24 Km from Sirpur which are respectively 84 Km and 78 Km
from Raipur.

Where to stay

P.W.D. Rest Houses are available at Sirpur and Balodabazar, the reservation authorities are S.D.O. P.W.D.
( B & R) Sirpur and Balodabazar respectively.

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